Healthy Snacks for Kids

Whether your children are back at school and need extra yummies packed in their lunchbox, or your little ones are home and need something to sustain them till lunch and dinner, it’s not always easy to find snacks for your kids that are healthy and fit with busy schedules.

We’ve got some simple snack ideas that can be made quickly and cost-effectively.

Fruit popsicles

Nothing beats the summer heat like an ice-cold lolly and popsicles are easy to make and can be made from any fruit that you can blitz down. You can find simple moulds in most shops but in particular, the Zoku brand of moulds are great and easy to use.

It’s watermelon season and this fruit makes a great base (remember to take out the seeds when you blitz it) from there you can add in your kid’s favourite fruits.

Make it creamy by adding yogurt or almond milk or add some freshness with mint and citrus.

Peanut butter date balls

So quick and simple that they might become your go-to for everyday snacking. They work as a good base and can be adapted and added to depending on what your kids like.

To make, blitz the dates with the peanut butter until vaguely smooth and then roll into small balls, pop in a Tupperware and put it in the fridge. You can choose to sprinkle them with shredded coconut or leave as is.

Feeling adventurous? Add dried apricots, ground almonds, even chocolate drops. You can go nuts. Literally.


Pitted dates
Peanut butter (salt and sugar free)
Shredded coconut, optional


Apple Donuts

Combining fun and flavour, these will not only look delicious, but they  double-up as a great activity to do with the kids…provided you don’t mind a little bit of mess.

Start by de-coring your apple and then cut into 1-2cm slices. Mix a little touch of food colouring into cream cheese and then spread onto the apples. Finish with sprinkles or, if you want to be healthier, dried fruit pieces.


Cream cheese or smooth cottage cheese
food colouring
Sprinkles or dried fruit or nuts

See examples here: https://www.hellowonderful.co/post/EASY-APPLE-FRUIT-DONUTS–HEALTHY-KID-SNACK/#_a5y_p=5448383

Rainbow fruit skewers

Another super easy snack that can utilize as little or as many fruits as your child will allow. All you need are skewers and a knife to cut up the pieces of fruit into smaller chunks. This works well as an interactive game to help with learning about colours too.



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