Our Story

Making Everlasting Firsts

It starts with those tiny closed lids opening and staring wondrously, dependently and devotedly up at you. So begins the era of ‘Firsts’. From here, they come thick and fast: first giggles, first steps, first tantrum, tastes, smells and so much more, and all of it captured, recorded, shared, watched and rewatched.

This is the time of bare feet, grass stains and uncontrollable laughter. Where a cardboard box is a spaceship, the only jobs are: astronaut, fireman, princess, superhero and ninja and where weekends are four days long.

We make clothing for the era of ‘Firsts’. Tough enough for any playground, timeless enough for any siblings and iconic enough to wear at any ‘First’.

The Sticky Fudge family believes in living ethically and consciously.

Our mantra is creating beautiful mix ‘n match baby and toddler clothing that will out-live seasons and get handed down from one child to the next. The fabrics, colours and textures are chosen with tomorrow’s child in mind, because we’re making clothes for your child’s first four years that are not only timeless in look, but also in its durability. Sticky Fudge prides itself on being the antithesis of the mass children’s clothing market and strives to support the local community in which our garments are produced.

Designed with longevity in mind, and valuing organic and responsibly sourced materials and methods, we are an aspirational yet attainable children’s clothing brand. Our easy to navigate online shop has a selection of baby, girl, boy and matchable unisex clothes for every season to choose from. Subscribe to join our growing family and be the first to hear about new releases and special promotions. Pop over to our blog for news, interesting reads and handy tips shared by parents and experts in the know.

At Sticky Fudge, we are a family that is passionate about children and we would love to share in your journey of firsts and grow together.

Our Threads

We value a mix of fashion and function, bringing beautiful, responsibly sourced threads together to help you weave your own memories. Our mission is to bring variety, comfort and style to your child’s wardrobe and for children to love wearing our clothes as much as you will love photographing them in them. From design to production, we aim to make all our clothing here in South Africa, tirelessly testing materials to find the best fit for our range.

All fabrics go through various processes to ensure garments do not shrink in the wash. We use premium quality fabrics and 100% natural cottons as far as possible, ensuring that our clothes are as gentle as they are beautiful. Most of our prints are one of a kind, complementing these with popular seasonal staples. Environmentally friendly dyes in handpicked colours mixed specially for us are used, offering uniqueness and an identifiable aspect to our collections.

All our garments are tailored and our patterns are continually altered to ensure the best fit for each age range and the chosen fabrics. We believe in synergy between material, maker and design, honouring our community and our heritage by carving out a future that not only celebrates it, but sustains it. The result is clothing that has longevity and individuality. It is our commitment to living in a more responsible, ethical and conscious way.

Sticky Fudge is an ethical South African small batch mix ‘n match clothing brand for babies and toddlers.
Our hardier clothes are designed to support every family’s era of ‘firsts’ and turn a child’s first four years into lifelong memories.


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