Baby Milestones

It seems impossible to think that the sweet little babe in your arms is going to be walking and talking someday soon, but baby milestones seem to happen over night and from 0-12 months, the goals your baby will reach are vast. It can often seem daunting to try and keep track of them all.

As you count down the milestones and watch your little one grow into an active, curious and adventurous toddler, we want to share in your journey of firsts.

There are several exciting and important developmental milestones that your little one will aim for over the first 12 months of their life.

From holding and lifting their head without support, smiling back at people, rolling over and that first out of the belly laughter. Before you know it they are sticking everything into their mouths, sitting up, and reaching their little arms out to you for a hug. Then the days of playing endless games of Peekaboo, running after them as they start crawling and eventually giving their first wobbly steps.

We love What To Expect it is packed with useful tips and good information on baby milestones.

Unique milestone moments
Not all baby milestones are growth related – baby’s first day home is something you’re going to want to treasure, not forgetting the first time they meet other family members, especially their siblings! Then there’s the first Christmas, family events and of course, the first birthday. Keeping your phone or camera handy is going to be imperative for catching these precious moments.

Beautiful ways to document your baby’s milestones and growth
Aside from taking thousands of photos, there are numerous lovely ways to record how your baby is growing and changing:

First-Year Baby Book
Milestone books are a popular option, often featuring dedicated pages that require you to simply note the date your baby completed or first attempted a milestone. These make for lovely baby shower gift ideas too.

Milestone cards
Fantastic props for photos, these usually feature individual milestones on them and can simply be placed next to your baby and dated on the back. These are perfect opportunities to dress your little one in your favourite Sticky Fudge outfit.

Side-by-side comparison pics
It’s a sweet idea to document how your baby grows but sometimes a photo can’t offer that perspective. Placing your child in a photo with a teddy bear, other stuffed toy or even holding them in your arms for a selfie means that you can clearly see how much they are changing.

Memory Boxes
For those who don’t always have the time to document each day, a pretty box for collecting keepsakes can be a treasured addition to the home. In the right size, it can be perfect for storing the hospital ID bands, the newspaper from the day baby was born, their first onesie, blanket, curl and much more.

Whilst each physical and emotional change is exciting to watch, it’s so important not to feel stressed that your child isn’t developing as quickly as another. Reaching milestones, at any age, is not an indication of intellect. It is not a race, enjoy the journey – each baby is different, meeting goals at their own pace.