Taking your first steps with us

Taking your first steps with us blog post

What better way to relaunch Sticky Fudge than with a brand-new Summer Collection to welcome in the season and invite you all to join us on a new journey.

For this season’s collection of baby and toddler clothing, we’ve been inspired by nature and whimsical summer living, developing our own beautiful botanical and pelican prints that are complemented by muted, yet crisp, gender-fluid tones, strong stripes and soft cotton staples.

Our baby range is subtle but stylish, built on timeless separates and easy-to-wear baby grows. Forour older kids, we know the importance of allowing them the freedom to pick and choose their own clothing and our fresh collection makes it possible for easy, chic wardrobe building.

For special occasions, we’re thrilled to introduce statement pieces that can be both dressed up for birthday parties…or worn whilst building duvet forts at home.

Tailored for free movement and comfort, our summer range inspires and expresses individuality and imagination – with layering options suitable for those hot, sunny days and cooler evenings.

Undefinably ageless – the process of Sticky Fudge clothing

Whilst our range incorporates upcoming trends, colour palettes, textures and shapes, we look for inspiration in our surroundings as well as our own childhood memories and that’s what makes our clothing so timeless.

The world our children see is both unique and magical and their sense of wonder plays an important part in our creative process. Whilst research goes into international trends, we are truly inspired by how children interact with the world they live in.

From creation to cutting

Whilst the design process is vital, we place huge emphasis on what fabrics we use, not just because of the sensitivity of children’s skin but because we want to be active influencers in the South African economy, supporting local manufacturers above overseas options and investing in small businesses in our local community.

Most of our fabrics are 100% cotton, sourced ethically and locally. Why cotton? Because it is breathable, durable, hypoallergenic for sensitive of baby skins and it doesn’t wrinkle as much as other fabrics. It’s the ideal partner for busy little lives.

For added movability, our grey melange has a lycra or polyester component and mixes like these allow for greater comfort and flexibility, which is what all budding superheroes need.

We design our prints ourselves, meaning that when you purchase a Sticky Fudge item, you won’t find that print replicated anywhere else.

From the very first idea, to the washing and pressing of a completed garment, we closely follow each step that our clothing takes to make sure that it’s a perfect representation of our heart.

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