What do I dress my newborn baby in?

newborn baby what to wear

It can be a daunting prospect knowing what your newborn needs to be wearing in varying temperatures and at certain stages of their development – Here’s a handy guide for knowing what your little one needs to be wearing and when.

  1. For newborn babies

Parents can often struggle with trying to pull layers over your baby’s head and it can be distressing for both carer and baby. Choose clothing with snap or zip closings, opt for looser fitting sleeves and legs, and always choose soft, natural fabrics. For changing times, holding your baby on your lap whilst changing them, provided you’re sat comfortably, can help baby to feel more at ease.

  1. For Premature babies

Your precious bundle may need extra layering to assist them as their body adjusts to changes in temperature. Think beanies, mittens, booties and blankets as a necessity rather than an extra…at least until he or she is up to a full-term baby weight.

  1. For colder weather

If temperatures drop, your baby will need several layers of clothing to stay warm. Rather than using one bulky item, stick to layers which you can easily add or subtract. Start with a vest, add a onesie, then layer on a jumper or cardigan and even a receiving blanket. Hats are not only a cute addition, they also stop the main loss of heat through the head.

  1. For warmer weather

Begin the day with easy-to-wear layers which you can reduce as the temperatures rise. Stick to using natural fabrics which are cooler on delicate baby skin and a great rule of thumb to use, is to dress your baby in one more layer of clothing than you are wearing. P.S, Our cotton rompers are perfect for a summer day.


  1. What materials and fastenings should I choose for my baby’s clothing?
  • Try to stick to natural fibres such as cotton which are comfortable on sensitive skin
  • Choose clothing with snaps or zip closings up the legs to make nappy changing easier and less stressful
  • Avoid clothing with tightly fitting sleeves that prevent you from being able to gentle pull or push baby’s arm through
  • Avoid clothing with ribbons, bows and strings that could get stuck around the neck and be a choking hazard


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