What to pack in your hospital bag for your baby

It is both a wonderful and daunting task to pack your hospital bag for the birth of your child.

If you are pregnant for the first time, you may have an overwhelming need to pack everything and the kitchen sink for your little one but, in this situation, less is more.

You will often find that several private hospitals provide essential items to make your stay easier – nappies, surgical spirits for the umbilical cord, bath and skin products, wipes and even clothing – However, if you want to take all your own things, we’ve put together a list of baby necessities to add to your bag.

Baby Grows

Pack 3 cotton newborn baby grows, and one larger size…just in case

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*If you are anticipating a natural birth, you might need less clothing items as your stay may be less than the three nights for a C-section.

Swaddles & blankets

Learning the art of swaddling can seem tricky at first, but once you have practiced, you’ll find it easy to wrap up your bundle of joy.

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Babies need help regulating their temperature which makes a hat or beanie come in handy for sleeping.

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Not always an essential, but tiny little nails can often be quite sharp, and mittens offer that comfort and security for you and baby.

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Going-home outfit

This is a lovely extra for those special “leaving hospital” photos.

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Skincare products

The hospital you’re in will most likely provide nappies, wipes and skincare products but if you have a fondness to a particular brand, you will want to pack in the following:

  • Bum cream
  • Body wash
  • Body cream
  • Fragrance-free wet wipes

Looking for the right brand for your lifestyle? We love using the following natural and local brands:


If you don’t wish to use the ones provided by the hospital for baby’s first bath (and for your own showering/bathing) pop in at least two towels for your little one to use.

  • Burp cloths x 5
  • Face cloths x2
  • Optional Extras


  • Fable Lifestyle offers both large and small sizes which are perfect for announcing the birth of your baby

Baby Books

Milestone plaques

  • You can find beautiful oak veneer mini plaques at Kikki & Franki which celebrate your baby’s birth

Mini name plaque

  • Ma Petite has a beautiful range of plaques that can be customized with your baby’s name 

NB: You need to have an approved car seat fitted well before your due date and the hospital will not let you leave with your baby if you don’t have one in the car.